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It snowed so much the night before in DC, that they cancelled school. For some reason, I was of the mind that they should not “waste” this snow day doing things that the gravity of boredom might bring them to do (video games, endless cable surfing, etc).

I had some work to get done as well, and I think I needed the “spirit” of the house to be focused, like I needed to be. I guess in the end, It was more about me than it was about them. I get so distracted, and can go off the deep end with my performance level of play. This is just what “I” needed.

A rare sight. Both of them reading in the same room.
Truth’s typical outfit and a book called, “The Land of Stories”.

We had a time for reading, something Excel takes to on his own. As for Truth, it’s like pulling teeth. However, this day, she found a book she was able to commit to a half an hour or so.

Truth got all dressed up to be out in the snow for a little while.

In the late afternoon, early evening, we all did some art related exercises. I had them draw a shoe and several other objects around the house. I taught them my personal tricks of perspective and landing a decent rendition of what they saw.

Both drawing a converse shoe.
What Truth saw.

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