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Types in Stereo is an award winning short film about how we can exist in multiple spaces. Stereotypes make light of those things that are either generally accepted, popularly true or made myth through misinterpretation… and when juxtapose to our actual lives we can exist in either our left or right “channels”…i.e. “stereo”.

This short film brings us in and out of the world of stereotypes as Professor David Morris takes a bus ride from his comfy “Ivy League School” campus to a “seedy” part of town. He bumps in to a group of “corner boys” lead by Day-Day where they have a bit of a surprise book review right on the corner.

But wait, Professor Morris didn’t travel this far away from the safety of campus to talk books. There’s more to this meeting than meets the surface.

I really enjoyed working on this project, pre-DSLR revolution. We had to work with a typical camcorder (Panansonic HVX200), but added a Letus-35 adaptor and some Nikon lenses. It wasn’t easy to control all the visual elements with that set-up, but we did the best we could with the technology.

The film won several film competitions in 2010.

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